Monday, July 02, 2007

Photo Tips

I have to say, I get more questions from people than to seems like I sell photos some times.  So, I got to thinking, since I do hold workshops from time to time, maybe I should start a little tip section.  I will start out things pretty basic and move on to more advance things as weeks go by.  I will cover things from equipment to lighting to how to shot specific things.

To start off, lets be real basic.  To take a photograph, you need two things.  A camera and someone behind the camera.    That person who is behind the camera, you, needs to understand how the camera works in order to capture photographs.  So my tip, as basic as it may sound, is one that many photographers, or people with a new camera for the first time do not do.  Read your manual.  Beyond reading the manual, look at maybe picking up a special guide just for your camera.  A company out there produces books called the Magic Lantern Guide which is esentially your camera manual on steroids.  It should give you a better understanding of what your camera is capable of doing and what it is not.  Familerize yourself with each of the functions of the camera, and either keep your manual in your camera bag, or make a little cheat sheet of things you may need to know when you are out taking photos.  This could be basic settings to custom functions.

My next tip will be on lens selection.

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