Monday, December 03, 2007

Made the switch

No, not from Canon to Nikon, even if the D3 and D300 are very interesting looking.  I made the switch, or I guess I am in the middle of the switch from PC to Mac.  Right before the Great Alaska Shootout I picked up a MacBook Pro and next year (early I hope) I plan on replacing my desktop with a iMac.  Anyway, for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting my archive of Eagle River High School Photos to land on my website, they arecoming.  I was almost ready to start posting them when I made the switch, and making the switch has backlogged me slightly, but by January 1st the entire hoops archive for Eagle River, along with the first football year should be online for viewing and ordering.  I know it is taking a while, but when it comes on line, from the main page at in the Photoshelter search box you will be able to type in "Eagle River Wolves Boys Basketball Varsity 23" and all the varsity photos with #23 will pop up and allow you to order directly from there.  Pretty cool huh?  Keep watching.
Once again I spent my Thanksgiving at the Great Alaska Shootout and this year was a lot of fun.  I have to admit, there was only one team I was looking forward to shooting, and it was not for the team at all.  I was looking forward to Bobby Knight being here with Texas Tech.  I lived in Seattle for so long, if it is not purple and gold dawgs on the court, I could care less, so Gonzaga and Eastern Washington really did not interest me at all.  However, one of the most spectacular dunks from the tournament did come from a Gonzaga player, and it was impressive.  

And unfortunately, Bobby did not throw a chair, but he did throw some good poses for the camera.
Anyway, Butler went on to win even though I was pulling for the Virginia Tech Hokies.  No word yet who will be on tap next year yet, but announcements are sure to be coming soon.

That is all for now......