Monday, June 25, 2007

Photographer Gets Injured

There have been a couple injuries as of late that I want to touch on.


Alexandra Boulat of Agency VII suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm while on assignment in Israel.  She is currently in a induced coma but, had a successful 5 hour surgery, according to doctors.  For more information, check for updates on the VII website and to see some of Alexandra's work, take a look at


Also, at the AST Dew Tour this weekend, BMX Vert champ, Chad Kagy went down hard while trying a triple tailwhip.  Chad, while being one of the best BMXer's out there, is also a talented photographer and member of the Fred Miranda Digital Photography Forums. Chad is not new to injuries, but at each contest he is in, I am cheering him on, and when he goes down hard, I worry for his health and his family.


I am heading into my last week of Little League Baseball for 2007.  No All-Stars this year, but it will give me a chance to focus more on helping my mother in her recovery from heart surgery a little more.  Maybe get her back on her feet quicker.  It will also give me the chance to photograph some other things I have been putting off.  For the last two years I have really missed the Eagle River  Bear Paw celebration in July, and have not really had a chance to shoot any Alaska Baseball League stuff.  So this summer you should find me out and about at some Buc's and Pilot games, as well as the Alaska Wild's last three games, Bear Paw, the Eagle River 3rd of July party, and some Eagle River and Chugiak American Legion games.  While Little League is one of my favorite things to shoot, having a short season this year will be nice with everything else going on.