Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alaska Goes Wild

Alaska welcomed professional football to the state for the first time on April 12th 2007. The Intense Football League, or IFL, kicked off the seasons for the new pro team in Alaska, the Alaska Wild, facing the Frisco Thunder. The IFL is mainly based in the Texas area, and Frisco is located around the Dallas area, although, a lot of the Wild fans at the Sullivan arena for the game thought it was San Fransisco, CA, not Frisco, Texas. Here we see Delvin Myles of the Wild trying to pump up the Alaska crowd but it was not enough as the Wild could only score 33 points against the 46 points by the Frisco Thunder in both teams first game ever. Originally, the Wild were to play in the AF2, a development league for the AFL, or Arena Football League, but due to lack of funds, and a lack of a team at the time, the owners pulled the plug and decided not to have a season until 2008. Then after loosing their first coach (why coach if the games and team are not there), the IFL invited the Wild into their league and once again football was on for the 2007 season. A new head coach was hired and a team was quickly put together. A couple hours after the Wild lost to the Thunder, the ownership of the team announced that the 2nd head coach had been let go for various reasons, one of which was trying to bypass the IFL salary cap to get more money for at least one player. So, heading out on the road, for only their second game ever, the Wild are on their third coach.

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