Thursday, August 10, 2006

More stuff on the horizon.

At the time of writing this, I stare outside watching what looked to be a beautiful week turn into a gray, wet irritation. Why is it an irritation? Well, Alaska High School Football kicks off tomorrow, and I have been contracted to cover the game for MaxPreps with most likely a photo appearing on the USAToday website and hopefully in the printed paper too. What absolutely bites is that the game starts at 7pm, the sun is usually still bright enough to shoot without flash until around 9pm, but with the gray skies, it looks like I will be shooting by the light of my 550ex for the first game of the year.

But, on a good note, I am shooting as the booster photographer for Eagle River High School football and will be posting the Varsity images on As Alaska's only MaxPreps photographer, it is something new for the state to see, and I hope that I am the first of many MaxPreps photographers in the state. The biggest thing this state is missing is quality high school sports photos...I mean, I can only shoot one school a night, and since I am tied to Eagle River High, that leaves numerous schools out of the loop.

If you are a Alaska Sports Photographer and you want to know more about MaxPreps, contact me. I will put you in contact with the guys who will make it happen for you.

I hope to have a few shots from the West - Palmer game up here Saturday, so check back!

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